Meet the Owner

Peace & Blessings to all
Hello, my name is Jhanai Proctor. I am the owner and CEO of Temple Soaps LLC.
I'm from a small city in western New York.
It has always been my dream to create all natural products that people love as much as I do! I have been a naturalista since I was 16 years old. For 8 years and up until today. I was always a person that read ingredient labels on EVERYTHING. Any time anything had alcohol listed as an ingredient I would get frustrated because I just wanted the best for my hair and skin. So instead of staying frustrated, I started creating and testing out hair and body products on myself.
This then prompted me to start doing some research for all natural hair care. Having a background in pharmacy and esthetics made the transition smoothly. I knew about toxic chemicals and mixing ingredients together safely; and of course caring for the skin.
When I was younger, I was teased for my skin condition. I've struggled with psoriasis since a small girl. Psoriasis is an incurable immunodeficiency disease  that causes the skin to over produce itself. I was tired of having to use steroid creams that never seemed to work. Also these creams should not be used on the skin for long periods of time. Taking matters into my own hands, I created something that truly changed my life and confidence. My acne and psoriasis have visibly cleared 98% since I began this journey.
After 8 years I finally got the courage to start my own business, doing things that I love and have such passion for. I appreciate each and every customer that supports me and my dreams. Thank you for shopping!