• That MANGO BODY BUTTER hunty…is everything! It smells soooo good and leaves your skin sooo soft & hydrated. I’ve used Nivea for year but finally found something ORGANIC worth making the switch!! I’m happy with the product & will continue to order.

  • My first all-natural soap purchase was from this shop! I love knowing that the soap is good for my skin. The website was fun to explore and learn about the different products offered! I can’t wait to try more products!

  • I like the black soap and lip scrub!! You can even mix them together as a diy exfoliated for your face & I have sensitive skin so it can be used for all skin types. Highly recommended!

  • I love how all of the products are natural, hand made and great for sensitive skin. The black soap has been great in clearing up my cystic acne and skin discoloration. It’s so gentle I was even able to use it on my baby to clear up a heat rash. The hair oil has been great at retaining moisture without being too heavy or sitting on top of my hair. The body butter smells amazing and leaves you silky smooth. The lip scrub worked wonders on some dry skin. I even used it on my whole face and was pleasantly surprised that it left my face and lips smooth and moisturized. I’m working my way through trying more of the soaps, but each one that I try is more amazing than the last. IDK if I’ll ever go back to body wash.

  • I am definitely in love with the body butter. My skin is soooo Soft, just in time for summer. I will continue to support Temple soap products.

    Julie George

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